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硬體測試高級工程師 Hardware Test Senior Engineer (Wireless)

Taiwan, New Taipei City, Xinzhuang District, Section 4, New Taipei Boulevard, Moxa 四零四科技股份有限公司

Job Type

Full Time

Job Description

  • 規劃測試計畫,確實執行測試工作流程及完成報告,問題追踨與驗證,並提出改善建議

  • 依據公司目標與產品需求,透過測試確認產品品質

  • 與團隊成員協作,提供適當的資料與建議,達成專案目標

  • 透過溝通協調解決內部與跨部門之問題

  • 依部門發展目標,執行自我能力提升之教育訓練計畫


  • Education: Bachelor's degree or higher

  • Language: Chinese, English

  • At least 5 years RF testing/design experience

  • At least 4 years Cellular related product testing/design experience

  • Familiar with RF equipment, including spectrum, NA, SA and RF auto tester

  • Familiar with RF performance testing software

  • Familiar with RF 3GPP standard and analyzing testing report

  • Co-working with the other functional team

  • Learning wireless related technology know how

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